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Gemini -Jagtar

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Break The Noise Records is back with a bang with their latest offering, the GEMINI EP, courtesy of Brit-Asian pop sensation JAGTAR.

Jagtar grew up in the UK with a childhood enriched with music and culture, and in 2015, his journey as an artist officially began working with the likes of VIP Records and Aman Hayer. His musical debut was met with great success, rising to number one on the

iTunes world chart. Since then, Jagtar has collaborated with several artists and music producers globally.

JAGTAR had always wished to stand out, and in the pursuit of his X Factor sound, he caught the eye of artist developer and songwriter Kiranee.

Working hand-in-hand with music producer Rishi Rich, Jagtar was invited to spend time with the Break The Noise Records team in Mumbai, giving him the opportunity to collaborate on the tracks DAS DE TU and LOST.

The new EP, Gemini, boasts fusion melodies enriched with the sweetness of Jagtar's Punjabi culture, all packaged in his formidable signature style of music.

The Gemini EP features the songs HAI HAI and TERI AH, and both tracks are very cleverly integrated into one dramatic video!

Official video out on the 1st March!

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