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25th UK Asian Film Festival

The UK Asian Film Festival (UKAFF) is the longest running South Asian film festival in the world produced by Tongues on Fire Limited. Founded in 1999 by Dr Pushpinder Chowdhry MBE and Mrs Harvinder Nath, UKAFF is internationally recognised for showcasing the work of acclaimed talent in cinema and award-winning filmmakers.

The festival will run from 2-12 May 2024, Tongues on Fire - UK Asian Film Festival will be celebrating the art of storytelling on the silver screen for 26 year

Tongues on Fire invites you to envision a world where change is more than a whisper – it’s a resounding force – with the unveiling of the 26th edition of UK Asian Film Festival theme:

Climate of Change:
Through this theme, UK Asian Film Festival wants to celebrate stories that redefine power dynamics, showcase the journeys of those driving societal transformation and delve into the power dynamics within our relationships.

We believe this theme is appropriate for the time we are in, and it will inform various strands of our festival’s programming:
• Courage: fearless stories that examine how historical and current conditioning affects people and why it’s the right time to do, or die
• Love: The power of cinema enables artists to connect with people, to embed ideas that give birth to a symphony of responsible action towards our environment.
• Action: Examining the authenticity of change, its impact on harmony and contentment, and its influence to continue to shape our landscape.

We invite talented filmmakers, artists, and creators to join us in deciphering the climate of change we find ourselves in and discovering the way forward.

For information about all films, the full programme and to book visit

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