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Festivals of Light @MK Gallery

Saturday the 18th November made way for the Festivals of Light show at MK Gallery in Milton Keynes. A show full of color and traditions. It was heartwarming to see the active involvement our vibrant local community.

Our young hosts, Parisa and the Carerra did exceptionally for their first time!

A special thank you to Arun for his electrifying dhol performance that set the stage for the whole show.

Thank you to MK Vihara Dhamma group's performance, featuring their adorable youngsters, was delightful. Kudos to the dedicated teachers for nurturing their talent.

The Bollywood Social Club's captivating rendition of Ramayana not only brought the epic tale to life but also provided an enriching opportunity for our youngsters to connect with their traditions and culture. Well done, Gurpreet and your outstanding volunteers!

Rashmi's talented girls from Rashmi's Dance School proved that Indian dance and contemporary music can seamlessly blend into a captivating fusion performance.

Thank you, to Rangeele Panjabi for the outstanding performance by the Kuntal's Dance School. The girls were absolutely phenomenal, and their performance brought so much joy to everyone present.

The mesmerizing talents of Asmi and Ishka was a testament to the beauty of cultural exchange and the importance of sharing our traditions.

The Punjabi Community Ladies proved that our local women possess an abundance of energy, vibrancy, and talent. Their performance was a lively celebration of Punjabi heritage and a wonderful reminder of the importance of preserving our traditions. Our 2 young sikh culture prssenters did a fantastic job in keeping our history alive

Cheryl's energy and enthusiasm, seamlessly brought the entire show together, captivating both the audience and the performers. Her infectious laughter created a sense of joy and unity, reminding us of the transformative power of laughter in fostering peace and inner harmony. @laughterandlife

Yeh Dosti, ensured that our guests were provided with delectable snack boxes. Their unwavering support and willingness to go the extra mile are truly admirable. @yehdosti

It was a truly memorable celebration of our diverse cultural heritage and a testament to the spirit of community that thrives in Milton Keynes.

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