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Rishi Rich, Rush & Asha!

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Conkarah & Roach Killa
Switch (Fatty Fatty) –REMIX,


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11th - 17th October 2021

Bad Boy X Bad Girl - Badshah
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Dil Khush Huwa - Atif AslamNeha Kakkar
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Disco Balma
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Ishq Fitoori_
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Rashmi Rocket  15th
15th October 2021

Rashmi Rocket released world wide on the

15th October 2021.

Staring Tapsee Panu  the film follows the journey Rashmi Vira who lives in a Kutch village who becomes an athletic sport champion. 

Based on  a variety of true life events,, Rashmi is banned due to the high amount of male hormone in her bloodstream, and is subjected to  humiliating gender test.

East is East  - Theatre Production 

7th  - 30th October 2021
Lyttelton Theatre


What an amazing production!

If you've seen the film and not the play you may think it will be almost the same, but we were presently surprised.

The set was pictured in the sitting room and kitchen/chip shop and not forgetting the all important outside store bin where Sajid spends most of the time sat in there with his Parker


It transformed the gags and the one liners perfectly,  even though you knew they were coming.   "Half cup" "What a pair of belters" and the "stupid B*******" all were timed perfectly.


All the actors played their roles to the T!

At times you were drawn into the production, that you wouldn't think you were actually at the theatre.

I would recommend kids over 11, as there are a few bits of swearing and several sexual references  .

Tickets prices were great for children and adults especially booking on the day.


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