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12th May 2022

JUS Ritz Interview 14th May 2022


3Q Records’ & ‘3Q Media’ presents “Jus Ritz” with his brand-new EP titled ‘Retrackt’.  Vocals by ‘Komi Gill’, ‘ The Late Kaka Bhaniawala’, ‘Ishmeet Narula’ & ‘Mehi’. The lyrics have penned by ‘R Bhagatpuri’, ‘Gurmukh’, ‘Dimple Toor’ & ‘Jeevan Mann’. 

Mixed and mastered by ‘Nin Matharu’. The EP will deliver a music video shot by ‘Rcovision’ for “Thali” and the remaining tracks will have visualizers created by ‘Siayn Digital’.

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25 November 2021

Tank Feat. Amar Arshi & Ishmeet Narula - LG Da Round

Tank Ft Amar & Ishmeet

‘3Q Records’ & ‘3Q Media’ proudly represent “Tank” with his first ever duet single titled ‘LG Da Round’.


The song features the return of two powerhouse vocalists who need no introductions ‘Amar Arshi’ and ‘Ishmeet Narula’. The lyrics for ‘LG Da Round’ have been penned by ‘J Deep’ and the video has been shot in India by ‘Sonu Sekhon’.

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30th September 2021


Moosa Jatt

Moosa Jatt is a story of a boy who lost his parents at an early age and has been raised by his uncle Jung Singh, a man of power.


Moosa discovers that his parents died because of the Sangha.

A group of criminals, who cheated farmers out of there land.

Out on the 1st October 2021


15th July 2021

Shrinaya - Swag Bada Athra

Swag Bada Athra

Welcome to the world of Shrinaya who is all set to release her fantastic debut single 'Swag Bada Athra' on the 23rd July 2021.

She's only 14 and just getting started!

Produced in the UK, the song is a beautiful Hindi pop song with a current urban twist that will sure to please her social media fanbase of thousands!


13 May 2021

Hunterz - Tera Dil Mujeh Dede (feat. Ami

Tera Dil Mujhe Dede

Global music star Hunterz returns !

'Tera Dil Mujeh Dede' is the first release from his newly formed record label 'London Inc'. A unique and heavenly blend of Hindi, Arabic & English lyrics give the song real global appeal and are seamlessly delivered over infectious rhythms and a Drill beat...truly the first of its kind!


14th March 2021

Har Funn Maula

Har Fun Maula

Koi Jaane Na which will be released on  the 2nd April  2021

"Har Funn Maula" featuring

Amir Khan is causing a storm.

The film stars Kunal Kapoor and Amyra Dastur and is said to be a psychological thriller.  

Kunal Kapoor said, "It is a unique project. It is basically a thriller-meets-comicbook in space"


25th February 2021



After the phenomenal success of ‘SOCHI NA’ Subaig Singh continues his creative spree with the release of another banger


‘BROTHERZ’ is a modern desi bhangra track and is sure to be a hit on the dancefloor with bhangra headz and fans of desi music. The song is all about brotherhood, loyalty and how brothers protect each other and watch each other’s back.


11 March 2022

SALONI 'Know About You'


London and Milton Keynes based Saloni sings in 10 languages and across numerous genres. This is an artist who's been on the slope to stardom for many years.

Her passion for music and dance came at an early age, initially classical Indian music and then Bollywood as well as more mainstream pop sounds


18th October 2021

Rishi Rich x Rush Toor 'Zakham'

Rishi Rich & Rush Toor

Zakham' is the latest offering from Break The Noise Records. With a fiery blend of a classic Bollywood item-number and a Brooklyn street hip hop vibe. ' Californian rapper Rush Toor, Zakham delivers echoes of yesteryear masterfully rejuvenated with a big splash of modernity creating a sound that's sure to resonate with music lovers globally.


3rd September 2021


Shubhangi Mitra

Mrs India UK is one of the pioneer pageants in the United Kingdom for British Indian and Asian married women residing in United Kingdom.

Mrs India UK aims to encourage empowered women to be spokespeople and provides multi-dimensional opportunities to married women 


19 June 2021

Monica J - Heartbreak Anniversary

Heartbreak Anniversary

UK based artist Monica, brings you her cover version of

"Heartbreak Anniversary"

" Such a beautiful song with simple lyrics.  This goes out to all the lovers out there and those who have had their heartbroken and found comfort in music"


11th May 2021

1.Dildariyaan feat. Jonita G


Parichay drops his long-awaited 10 track album and what an album it is!


The first track off the album is the peppy 'Dildariyaan' featuring top Bollywood playback singer Jonita Gandhi.

Indo-Canadian Parichay is truly multi-talented performer .  

Bhangra Jawan Ho Gaya SLEEVE.jpg

28th February 2021


Bhangra Jawan Ho Gaya

'Bhangra Jawan Ho Gaya' is a hardcore Punjabi tune for Bhangra lovers worldwide and once again, is delivered in a typical  Bally Sagoo signature fashion - fusing the classic sound of the 90s with a hint of modernity!

Jelly Manjitpuri is a renowned tumbi player from the Punjab  his awesome voice, elevate the track to great and exciting levels.


February 2022

(A)Tribute to Lataji-

Lata Mangeshkar

Bollywood playback singer, Lata Mangeshkar's voice was the soundtrack to hundreds of Indian films - and to countless more lives. Her songs were played at weddings, funerals and national events, her career spanned more than seven decades.

Finished Sandeep Poster.jpg

7th October 2021

Right To Left MP3

Sandeep ft.Dr Zeus

Sandeep is a vocally outstanding female artist who has made her identity in the Panjabi Music World.  Her previous songs Goli Wargi and Chocolate, show off her distinct voice.

Her new track Right to Left features Dr Zeus and the lyrics are by Kaptaan


29th July 2021

Kadam Verma & Panjabi Hit Squad - Aaja Mere Kol (Radio Edit)

Aaja Mere Kol

Kadam Verma is Back!!

His latest track  "Aaja Mere Kol" is out now!

The song has a Latin music feel to it and features Kadam singing in Panjabi. With Reggaeton ruling the airwaves over the last couple of years, it seems like the perfect time it blended with south asian music, ready for the summer!

Jay  Happiness.jpg

18 June 2021

Jay Sean - Happiness Days

Happiness Days

Jay Sean returns with a song dedicated to cherishing what we have and finding joy in the life around us.

'Happiness Days' was written by Jay along with The Orphanage (Demi, Ariana). 

“Sometimes, if you're lucky,

a song comes along that totally aligns with everything that you are in that moment."


28th March 2021

Chal Koi Na - Kraj

Chal Koi Na

Chal Koi Na is an R&B Track, Chal Koi Na has been written Kraj Singh.


This romantic track was written to portray a message  to  show how important it is today to give each other time and appreciate each other and also how important it is to be honest towards your own feelings and someone you love.

unnamed (1).jpg

24th February 2021

Lost - Rishi Rich, Mumzy Stranger & Jagt


Rishi Rich teams up with urban sensation Mumzy Stranger, 

Brit-Asian rising star Jagtar and singer-songwriter Kiranee!


Rishi says : “Putting a body of work together is always exciting and creative. Taking different genres and collaborating with talented artists brings out a different depth of music. 3 Chapters is just a full-on vibe project. With lots of different sounds and great

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