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Kabir Cafe are coming to Milton Keynes!

Kabir Cafe’s music has been featured in many Bollywood films and they have toured internationally to high acclaim. As part of their UK Tour they will be making a mark in Milton Keynes on the 16th March 2023

Kabir is a timeless mystic who did not believe in boundaries. His philosophy rings true even six centuries later, and they are being woven into something just as boundless- music- by Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café.

Performing only the verses of Kabir, the band brings alive his poetic works in a substrate of Indian Folk Music infused with rock, pop, reggae, carnatic and fusion in their quest to make Kabir’s verses accessible.

The artists are:

Neeraj Arya on lead vocals and rhythm guitars,

Mukund Ramaswamy - Violins

Britto KC - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Viren Solanki - Drums

Vikram Bramhankar - Indian Percussions

Piyush Acharya - Harmonium

They have performed at 800+ Concerts and have toured 14 countries. They are empaneled in the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). Their songs are featured in Bollywood Movies - BADSHAHO - 'Hoshiyar Rehna', HINDI MEDIUM - 'Fakiri', and latest Super Hit Web Series - SCAM 1992 / HARSHAD MEHTA STORY - 'Mat Kar Maya', 'Kya Leke Aaya'. Considered to be among the Top 3 Folk Fusion Bands in the country, alongside INDIAN OCEAN and RAGHU DIXIT PROJECT.

Tickets can be purchased via

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