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Independence Day and Teej Celebration

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Saturday 20th August brought together the asian community in Milton Keynes to celebrate India Independence Day and Teej Celebration at Stacey Bushes meeting place, raising funds to help Willen Hospice.

The event focused on the young children of Milton Keynes, starting at 12.30pm, where the Indian National Anthem was sung by the young people holding flags of India. All the children were awarded medals presented by the Deputy Mayor Mick Legg

Bollywood Social Club organised this first event with support from local businesses in Milton Keynes with a variety of local stalls selling jewellery and clothes. Local business Rashan Pani were also there selling fresh sugar cane juice.

The afternoon continued with children’s performances from dance and singing and a Jai Hind parade where the children dressed up as well know influencers from India.

Organise, Gurpreet Kaur Gupta said, “The younger generation needs to be aware of their culture and we should try to encourage them to be involved in these events as they will take them forward.” She helped put together the whole event which attracted 120 people. “The asian community is growing in Milton Keynes, and we need to try to keep all cultures and tradition’s enriched within the City”

The next event will be over the Diwali period where the children will perform Ramleela

"If we dont pass the pride which our culture, heritage and history carries to our children today, then they will not be able to pass this to the next generation"

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