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Find My Way - Subaig Singh

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Produced by Kulbir Kandola, Lyrics by Johnny Depth and music by award winning producer Surinder Rattan

’FIND MY WAY’ will see Subaig Singh hitting the mainstream music industry. Subaig Singh leans into a totally different sound for his new song

‘FIND MY WAY’ keeping it all in English but with a Caribbean flavour. The video was shot in the UK in Camden Market by the young, talented and creative team Drop Monster.

‘FIND MY WAY’ is an upbeat song with a melodious reggae style hook, the mastering is excellent, blending the one drop reggae baseline with a dash of modern trap in the beat of the song. The song sounds fresh to the ear with a positive and soulful vibe.Subaig revealed that the project was very personal, and attention was paid to every detail to ensure that the material was properly recorded.

‘FIND MY WAY’ reveals yet another different side to Subaig. This is real rich-quality music. “This is something you want to have in your music collection. I hope DJs appreciate the song and it hits the clubs worldwide”, said Subaig, commenting on the track.



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