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Cozmic ft Maneyx 'By My Side'

Combining the power of international Pop sounds with melodic Bollywood lyrics, Venice Beach-born Cozmic unleashes his latest Bolly-Pop marvel ‘By My Side'. A true multi-genre artist, singer-songwriter-producer Cozmic weaves different musical inspirations and cultures into his creations which has enabled him to build a diverse and global fanbase.

Currently residing in London, Cozmic grew up between Southern California and New York City with his Indian immigrant parents. He often felt like an outsider struggling with a sense of pressure to conceal his cultural roots. However, his connection to Indian music, tradition and creativity never waned, and after spending many years self-reflecting, multi-talented Cozmic decided to deliver the truest version of himself through his music. The resulting sound is vibrant, catchy, eclectic, and relatable.

In his own words, Cozmic is on a mission to “create the music that we need now—something the whole world can sing to that transcends all cultural and societal borders. By My Side’ certainly fulfils his musical vision. A bright, beat-driven, Reggaeton pop fusion track combining English, Hindi, and Spanish!

Cozmic searched for the perfect Hindi lyricist for the track. He discovered Kiranee online and a working relationship was quickly formed. Kiranee says: “Cozmic found me around the time of the pandemic. and he was looking for a lyrical collaborator for a couple of projects. His fresh and vibrant personality was really warming and it was such a breeze to work with him on this record. I’m all about breaking boundaries with melodies and lyrics and ‘By My Side’ is a perfect representation of that.”

Cozmic wants to create music that everyone can sing along to. Music that transcends all cultural and societal borders. He adds: "I'm really excited about helping Hindi-English pop music break into the mainstream like K-Pop and Latin Pop have in recent years. This new single mixes American Pop, Reggaeton and Hindi music and totally represents my cultural background and influences. I'm looking forward to sharing it with the world."

Maneyx, straight outta Monterrey provides the rap on the track. The talented rapper has become a versatile and promising artist across the national music scene in Mexico. He says he was born with a single mission, to express himself through music, to inspire people and to represent Mexico with his beats. Maneyx adds: "Working on this song was something unexpected for me, but I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity that Cozmic gave me to be able to put a verse in this amazing song. I'm very happy with the result and to be able to work with such talented people."

By My Side’ is the result of a long journey and gives justice not only to his cultural roots and influences that he is so proud of but also to the multi-genre and cross-cultural music pioneers he was inspired by!

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